Charlestown RI Real Estate Market Report May 2011


Charlestown RI Market Stats


Charlestown RI Real Estate Market Report May 2011

Charlestown home sales for May 2011 is as follows:

9 Charlestown RI homes have been sold in the past month:

3 homes sold over $400,000
3 homes sold for between $300,000-$400,000
3 homes sold for under $300,000

There were 127 Charlestown RI homes for sale in May 2011 which was a  9 % increase over the prior month (13 more homes for sale).  The increase in home inventory benefits buyers looking for homes in the area now.  With the warmer weather, all along the coastal RI real estate shore is absolutely beautiful for any buyer.


Why do I share Charlestown RI real estate market reports with you the consumer month after month?  First and foremost, it is to give you a better insight into the number of Charlestown RI homes for sale, price range of homes sold and real estate market trends month to month for the Charlestown neighborhoods (such as Quonnie) that interest you. If your are a Charlestown home seller, it gives you information on recent home sales for the pricing of your home.  My web site will give you more information into all the Charlestown RI homes for sale that will be of interest to you.


Charlestown RI continues to have a good supply of homes for sale and the oceanfront and coastal Charlestown RI homes for sale are selling.  Honestly, the sales were spread out among all price levels this past month which means that if the location, condition and price for a home is excellent it will be a seller in this real estate market!


Mortgage rates have dropped again and remain at low rates for all buyers.  It is a great time for Charlestown RI home buyers to find the neighborhood of their choice and then their targeted price range.   Prices continue to be at attractive levels for buyers right now with great lending terms and rates to match.  I can recommend a number of lenders to pre-qualify you if you are at a loss who to use.


Pending home sales have increased by 7 homes over April 2011 and there are 17 homes in pending status in Charlestown RI. It is a brighter outlook for the real estate market when pending home sales remain steady.


Out of state buyers continue to search for Charlestown RI oceanfront and coastal homes for sale.   I do expect real estate to be remain active this summer in all price ranges and especially for beach and vacation homes.  Out of state buyers especially love the ‘Hamptons feel’ of the town of Charlestown RI.   When you have great town beaches here, it is always a fantastic draw for buyers.

Charlestown RI Real Estate Market Report May 2011.


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