Charlestown RI Home Buyers – Dreams and Sparkly Red Shoes

Charlestown RI Home Buyers – Dreams and Sparkly Red Shoes


So the stage is set:

It is closing time people.
Stomach nerves are a twitter 
Sleepless night was had by the buyers- will it happen or not?
Vendors lined up to do home repairs- will they need to be postponed?
Fedex package arrives on time
Rest of the closing is delayed hours.
Freddie Mac…is this anyway to treat first time home buyers into the foray of home buying?
Buyers lender…holding the money to fund the loan until the last minute!

Thank goodness for the sparkly red shoes RI real estate agent because there is no place like home…and they now have their new home

Charlestown RI Home Buyers
Smiling Charlestown RI Home buyers Now

and dreams for tomorrow.

My Charlestown RI home buyers have the key…well it is the old key and the locks are being changed right now.  It is the waiting that can make you go stir crazy, take the joy (almost) out of home buying, and move in has not even happened yet!  Oh, now they are smiling and excited…really it really is ours now?!  What a range of emotion that can happen on closing day.
Freddie Mac Love Note

Freddie Mac Love Note

One thing about closings is you never know how they will be but the results here are what matters…see those sparkly red shoes really want to lead you home.  

So this might be an ode to Buyers to Be and All I can say is many thanks to


RI Real Estate Lawyer

RI Real Estate Lawyer- He Delivers!

thee, for bearing with the setbacks and delays all these months (since October).  Hanging in there yielded a great home find ….so to the days ahead may they be of the unlike kind!  Charlestown RI Home Buyers – Dreams and Sparkly Red Shoes.

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