Charlestown RI 02813 Real Estate Market Stats January 2011

 Charlestown RI 02813 Real Estate Market January 2011

Charlestown RI Real Estate Stats

The Charlestown RI 02813 Real Estate Market Statistics for January 2011 are as follows:

7 Charlestown RI homes sold, the breakdown is as follows:

1 home sold for between $300,000-$400,000
6 homes sold for less than $300,000

In January 2011 there were 89 Charlestown RI homes for sale which is 3 fewer homes on the market over December 2010 homes for sale.  The home inventory in Charlestown is remaining fairly steady with the new year and sellers prepare for better weather bringing buyers here.  Sales have slowed due to the weather.

  However, choices of waterfront and oceanfront Charlestown homes are there for the ready, willing and able buyers.  Many houses here have been withdrawn from the market for the winter and will reappear to the market by March.   Although it’s a quiet and serene landscape right now, this sleepy community does not remain that way by spring.  Out of state buyers will be cruising the coast and byways looking for that home that sparks ‘the one’ for them.

Charlestown RI homes sold for January 2011 were down from 9 homes sold the prior month to 7 homes sold.  With the snowy and wintry season upon us, this is an unusual and sluggish pattern for Charlestown home sales. This is normally a buying period for waterfront homes in Charlestown but the heavy snows have negatively impacted the home buying market in January.  Buyers and sellers alike are waiting for the snow to move North and stay gracefully on the mountains for the rest of the winter season!

Pending home sales remain up which is a good  indication that Charlestown home sales will be steady.

There are 11 homes in pending status in Jamestown RI this past month.  Being an oceanfront community is a big draw for buyers due to Charlestown’s location and current pricing of homes. One of the waterfront homes in pending is a $2 million home.

In Rhode Island buyers still are actively looking for the right price, location, features and condition in homes and Charlestown does meet many of these buyer conditions.  Charlestown RI 02813 Real Estate Market Statistics – January 2011.


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