Charlestown RI 02813 -Real Estate Market Statistics


Charlestown RI 02813-Real Estate Market Statistics 

Charlestown RI





for March 2011 is as follows:


10 Charlestown homes have been sold:


3 homes sold for more than $400,000

2 homes sold for between $300,000-$400,000



5 homes sold for less than $300,000

There were 94 Charlestown homes for sale in March 2011 which was is a good increase over the Charlestown homes for sale in February.

Charlestown has maintained a good inventory of homes and the waterfront and coastal Charlestown RI real estate homes are more have come on the market in April.  The variation of homes being sold is in the lower price ranges right now.  Yet, the waterfront and coastal Charlestown homes are selling.


Are you ready to buy a home?  Make sure you have been pre-approved by a mortgage lender because you need to know what you can afford and what size mortgage payment you are comfortable paying.  There are great mortgage brokers and lenders in RI – if you need suggestions, please give me a call.  Remember the Boy Scout motto – be prepared!


The Charlestown RI homes sold in March were equal to the prior month’s number of 11 pendings.  The buying and selling activity in this growing town is constant.  Plus who would not enjoy the coastal Charlestown landscape, its beaches, byways and  waterfront homes.So much to appreciate here and enjoy.


There are 11 homes in pending status in Charlestown RI this past month ( 1 pending waterfront home over $1 million).  Finding the right house in this waterfront community is what makes a satisfied client.  Out of state buyers are contacting me now about ocean front homes for sale so I do expect real estate in this community to be active this spring.

Based upon current sold and pending statistics, Charlestown homes for sale are meeting many buyer conditions.  Are you interested in the waterfront area of Charlestown?


Charlestown RI 02813- Real Estate Market Stats



Ginny Lacey Gorman knows Charlestown RI and knows the geographic area, schools, happenings, important tidbits of information and businesses well. If you are looking for someone to guide you through the home buying or selling process, she is a licensed real estate agent and would be happy to assist you.

  Waterfront, oceanfront and coastal RI homes for sale are her specialty.  When you are in need of more information from an internet savvy marketer who sells RI houses in this real estate market, just call Ginny at 401.529.7849.