Cash RI Home Buyers Wanted!

Cash RI Home Buyers Wanted!

Cash RI Home Buyers Wanted!  In RI real estate home sales right now the difference between a successful home closing and not closing can be the

Cash RI Home Buyers Wanted in RI real estate

Cash Buyers Wanted

mortgage financing.  Home buyers seem to forget that every little thing on their credit can be the make or break item in getting a mortgage or not.  So one might ask where are all the cash RI home buyers I have heard about in the media?


Well cash rich home buyers are out in force on waterfront RI real estate.  In fact the statistics in the southern RI communities home sales in 2012 validate that a high percentage of homes being purchased are with cash.  Cash from IRAs,  other investments, stock market and sometimes Mom and Dad’s deep pockets.


The difference in a home sale when it is an all cash purchase is like sailing on Narragansett Bay on a good wind day.


It just glides through.  Where are the bounces and bumps to be anticipated?  Well mostly in the home inspection process where the cash RI home buyer may demand more of the home repairs as part of the negotiated final home price.


Most real estate agents will glow at receiving a good cash offer at a home market price to present to their seller.  In fact, some buyers will start the mortgage financing process and just stop!  They throw their hands up when they have the cash and purchase a home all cash.  It is the most desirable way of home purchase.  Yes, CASH is king in home buys!


Buyers who do have enough equity in their home can down size from a current property to buy a smaller home to fit their future needs easier.


This is the time to talk with a knowledgeable RI real estate agent that can make the process go smoother.  Have time to chat about your current home or the one you have been thinking about?  I would love the opportunity to help you so call me at 401.529.7849 or email me at today.

Cash RI Home Buyers Wanted!


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