Can Referral Connections be Like Savoring Dark Chocolate?

Wouldn’t you say that referral connections are like savoring


dark chocolate?

Yummy because they reward us with the high of a good sales connection that results in ultimate reward – pleasure and satisfaction.  Well in my travel to the Keys last week I met my referral connection in Key West, FL on a condominium I had referred down to Donna Mullins of Schmitt Real Estate.  How often does that happen that you are able to truly see the real estate business of the other agent.

My instincts were right about her…first she picks up her phone when you call and does not hesitate to connect with you.  Sure Ginny by the way I am doing an Open House today so why don’t you stop over and see me – that was the conversation as I was driving to Key West.  After finally being to the Keys I see a lot of real estate that Northern buyers would love to buy so she is my connection now.

Don’t you want to make sure that the referral connection can do the job you referred out?

Most times you just hope and I know a number of agents that have had to chase down their referral fees due to the other agents lack of attention or ?  No, this agent I was fortunate to see and observe her marketing strategy first hand in the Keys.  She is out on a holiday weekend doing an open house for the afternoon hoping to catch vacationers down her way.  This is the Real Estate Agent  I want to use.

Great staged home, great marketing signs, brochures, on line presence – yep she is the dark chocolate referral connection for the future.

By the way, she has the Key West condominium I referred to her in agreement and although it will be a short sale, I made sure she knows how to handle them successfully with her legal team.

So I’ll wait for my Florida Real Estate Agent connection to make the sale and remember what brought me to that sale in the future.  Not to forget the things of the past that will contribute to our future is so necessary.   And those referral connections are like savoring dark chocolate to me.


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