Buy Local, Eat Local -Market Mobile makes it happen for RI Chefs

Buy Local, Eat Local -Market Mobile makes it happen for RI Chefs

Buy Local, Eat Local -Market Mobile makes it happen for RI Chefs and farmers.  Supporting local food growers and ensuring that the food chain works and supports the ole agriculture RI base is life turning and when I read Kristin Wheatley’s blog about local food in Maine it just got me going about RI (being a local organic farmer once myself)…so growing the local produce and not only supplying it to the farmers markets but getting it to the RI Chefs and their restaurants or other businesses is critical…this is where Market Mobile steps in.  One delivery truck that does it all to make this wonder wheel of supply   and demand happen.

Okay, you said you wanted…cheese, tomatoes, lettuce, milk, corn, etc….Mobile Market will save the day!

This program is a funded program which has created a number of local jobs to make this ‘solution’ work for all.  Market Mobile is only in it’s infancy (2nd year) and it’s making the foodies of RI rock.  Imagine this:  farmers don’t have the time to transport & deliver to a multitude of restaurants & schools that want their produce…RI chefs don’t have the time to hit the local farmers markets or farms to choose what they need for their menus.  So this business on wheels was created to allow RI chefs the ability to know and receive what is available from the farm, place their order (minimum of $100) and the Market Mobile vehicles takes it to the businesses.  It’s now a once a week happening.

Market Mobile has a dedicated central coordinating facility now with cold & fresh storage in Pawtucket, RI they deliver from to the venues wanting the farm produce.  It’s an amazing way to sustain the local agriculture base and ensure it’s continued success for the farming families who have this way of life.  It’s working!  The total sales of $500,000 for the first half of 2010 equals all of 2009 with this Market Mobile project.  It may not sound like a new idea to most and it’s not but the coordination, funding and resolve all had to come together to make it work.

We were an agriculture based economy at one time
and Rhode Islanders still heartily support farms and the local farmers markets…we have good eggs here too!  Ever hear of the RI reds?  Best eggs in New England if I may say so and we have not had to worry about salmonella scares.

Whether it’s through the many Farmers Markets we have throughout the state or the industrious endeavors of the Market Mobile project, RI farm fresh produce is making it to the local schools and restaurants without skipping a beat.  It’s all about buying local, eat local and Market Mobile makes it happen for RI chefs.
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