Are You A Lone Wolf?

Are You a Lone Wolf?


Sometimes it is so difficult to walk to the alternate pathways in life…being part of a crowd makes us more secure

Lone Wolf in real estate

What are You?

in what we do.  I believe many of us here in the real estate blog world have chosen to be different and discover what it is like to step outside the boundaries of comfort.  It is that interesting thing called the ‘unknown’ that we want to also discover and perhaps revolutionize what we do in our own world.


Standing alone among your real estate peers may set you apart by how you deliver great customer service, go above and beyond for your clients, and just be the ‘wow’ factor that is missing with other agents.  It is fine if no one in your nearby industry wants to follow you…wouldn’t it be just cool to be the Lewis and Clarke in your area blazing the trail all will aspire to go down in a couple years.


Oops, guess what you left them all behind…maybe you will be the Steve Jobs of innovation and deliverance with your real estate product or whatever business product you do now.


Me, i choose to be the RI lone wolf sometimes… yes, I have Dorothy’s ruby red shoe at my disposal in RI real estate.  Well who would not want a set of those shoes- they are to die for!!  Yet, what I hope is unique is how I choose to deliver the clients product to the best and largest audience for them and with care…and that is what will take me home each time, every day.  I do care.   It is okay to be the lone wolf…


What path do you follow – are you a lone wolf?


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