Another Westerly RI Condo Sold by Ginny Lacey Gorman – Westerly Real Estate

Another Westerly RI Condo Sold by Ginny Lacey Gorman – Westerly Real Estate


18 Brandywine Drive Condo was back on the market again.  It took 22 days to get this condo into agreement after the first buyer

Westerly RI Real Estate Sale - Ginny Lacey Gorman

Move in Ready Westerly RI Condo

went and changed his mind 3 weeks into the home buying process.


The North Kingstown short sale agents were scrambling quickly to recover, capture another home buyer, Ginny on the spot to orchestrate, exact the marketing plan once again and make this short sale happen!!  No time to lose.

I so dislike when things go ‘bump’ but that is part of the home sale business.  Many lookers at this condo who could not make up their mind, one buyer who walked in and said I’ll take it!  This condo is just the one.  

So what brought this buyer to she said I was all over the internet with my marketing of properties, pendings and solds…plus the showcasing of this condo was sweet.  

So what does it take to have such a good list to sales price on a home to reach a sale?

– Interested buyers
– Well priced and priced to market the condo for the Westerly real estate market
– Location that is highly desirable to buyers
– Condition of the home is excellent
– Successful multi- faceted marketing campaign on line though a myriad of sites and hosting domains

So it’s a multi prong approach I use to have a satisfied Westerly home seller– list it at the right price and market

Another Westerly RI Condo Sold by Ginny Lacey Gorman- Westerly Real Estate

Brand New Granite Kitchen with Stainless Appliances

hard to make a successful sale happen.  The sellers gave me high marks on my marketing plan and it delivered for them. By being a successful North Kingstown agent and a savvy internet marketer for my clients, I can deliver the buyers by my strong internet presence in Rhode Island real estate.

Oh yes, this was a short sale but Bank of America was good in working with my North Kingstown short sale agents team to close.  We even got the sellers approved in the HAFA program giving the sellers $3000 to cover rent deposit and moving costs.

I now have a buyer and a seller that are pleased with the Westerly condo sale outcome.  Keys please!
 Another Westerly RI Condo Sold by Ginny Lacey Gorman – Westerly Real Estate.
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