Another Pending Westerly RI Condo Short Sale- Westerly Real Estate

Another Pending Westerly RI Condo Short Sale-

Westerly Real Estate


Finally the short sale approval letter arrives from Bank Of America to my short sale negotiator…hip, hip, hooray!  We have an approved short sale

Short sale approved Westerly RI

Turnkey Westerly RI Condo Real Estate

for the seller plus he qualifies for the HAFA program.  So the lenders have been generous here.  Month end can not happen quickly enough on this 18 Brandywine Drive Unit 1 Condo Westerly RI.


The important part of a short sale is for the buyer to understand the wait time which could be a couple of months (this wait time was just about 2 1/2 months) and that they will hang in there for the duration.  This Westerly condo is well worth waiting for since everything has been renovated in it.  As North Kingstown short sale agents my job is to make this short sale get to the closing table for the seller with a waiver of deficiency judgment.  For the buyer, as seamless as possible on a short sale transaction- their job is to go the distance with us in RI real estate!


The last buyer flew the coop after being asked by the bank to provide corporate papers

Approved Short Sale in Westerly RI by Ginny Lacey Gorman

Kitchen is gorgeous

which he did not want to do (why not I asked?!).  Well that just cooked my goose and I wanted this short sale to move forward quickly for the sellers.


In less than a week a solid buyer came forward to put in an acceptable offer the seller agreed to for this Westerly RI short sale.  Informational inspections to be done and then on to the short sale closing table in a couple of weeks.  It is a great Westerly RI condo in a unit of two.

Another Pending Westerly RI Condo Short Sale – Westerly Rea Estate.


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