Another North Kingstown RI Short Sale Home in Contract

Another North Kingstown RI Short Sale Home in Contract


The sweet ranch at 57 Firwood Drive North Kingstown RI is in agreement with a buyer who is absolutely thrilled about it.  It has

North Kingstown Short Sale Real Estate

30 days to get to Pending Status on this North Kingstown Home

taken me about one month to get this short sale into agreement.  Consider all the open houses, on line marketing, signage and advertising done on this piece of RI real estate successfully.


More than being well maintained it had all its major housing components upgraded which makes this a great home for a young family to move into.  In fact, the Woodland Hills neighborhood where this home resides is moving through a transition phase on a number of properties.  The seniors are moving out and going south and the young families are moving into this slice of heaven – North Kingstown real estate at its finest.  Close to highways, secluded and peaceful cul de sac neighborhood and 5 minutes from shopping!
A number of bids came in on this home over a course of a couple weeks but they were not acceptable on this short sale.

Why is that you ask?  Because I know the North Kingstown real estate market very well and knew those other offers would not be acceptable to the Bank.  They were farther below market value then they needed to be.


So why not just submit the short sale low offer?

First and foremost, I asked the buyers agents if the buyer could come up in price if the bank countered a higher figure and in all cases the buyers agents said ‘no’.  So to be responsible and do my duty for my sellers it was very important for me to get the strongest and best offer.  I got the full price offer now.  My sellers and I believe it is a strong offer for the bank to consider.   My short sale negotiator and legal team agrees.


Now my North Kingstown short sale agents team is ready to submit all paperwork to the bank and get the negotiations going.   We have the short sale process that works successfully well for sellers.  If you are struggling with your mortgage, have a hardship or do not know what to do financially, call me now at 401.529.7849.  Let’s talk confidentially about your options.
It is Another North Kingstown RI Short Sale Home in Contract.
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