Another Approved North Kingstown RI Short Sale- 19 Glenwood Drive -less than 35 days from Chase

Another approved North Kingstown RI short sale at 19

Pending Short Sale Approved North Kingstown RI Home

Another approved North Kingstown short sale

Glenwood Drive in less than 35 days from Chase


When the negotiator tells me I can not believe it is true…well I have the proof in hand – the short sale approval letter from Chase Bank.  I have to say that Chase has been one of the better banks lately we have been dealing with as far as being responsive and moving a short sale along.

Not to say there were not some hiccups or speed bumps- there were in this RI real estate short sale… in the way the second BPO (brokers price opinion) was ordered for a second round and then a week and a half later being pulled back by the bank. Finally, I was told that No second BPO was in order per the bank and that we would be hearing back from the negotiator on the sales price the investors wanted …no word for a week and a half.

Yes, guess what?  then the Chase Short Sale Approval Letter came for my sellers at 19 Glenwood Drive North Kingstown RIChase Bank accepted the price I listed the house for (yes, really no counter offer), buyers agreed to pay the for sale price amount and the closing is in less than 30 days.


This pending North Kingstown RI home for sale is a great well maintained large ranch home with 3 bedrooms, 2 full baths, newer septic, fireplace, wood stove (and the wood comes free!), new windows, vinyl sided on a wonderful neighborhood street.  The buyers will really enjoy it as much as the sellers have which is so important to the sellers.

Short sales
can be a test of wills, patience and good negotiating skills to make it to the endpoint.  Working with North Kingstown short sale agents will ensure you have strong and knowledgeable expertise to get your short sale done.


Love to hear another approved North Kingstown short sale by Ginny Lacey Gorman flow from my lips…no botox involved either…  it is just a great feeling to call up the sellers and tell them the good news.  Next call the buyer’s agent and get financing ready to rock and roll to close.


Another Approved North Kingstown RI Short Sale- 19 Glenwood Drive -less than 35 days from Chase.


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As North Kingstown short sale agents, if you are having trouble paying your mortgage contact Ginny to help you through the short sale process successfully.

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