5 Top Reasons a North Kingstown RI Home Does Not Sell

5 Top Reasons a North Kingstown RI Home Does Not Sell


As a North Kingstown real estate agent, I am out doing comparable market analyses for homeowners constantly.  Most potential

5 Top Reasons a North Kingstown RI Home Does Not Sell- real estate

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sellers listen with open ears and hearts about what they can do to sell their home.  These homeowners are motivated and they want to sell.  They listen to me with all ears.


So hear me well North Kingstown and beyond homeowners loud and clear:

1) Price to the Real Estate Market.  We are in a ‘Buyers market’ people in North Kingstown and all of South County RI.  Overpricing does nothing for your home except keep good buyers away who would have bought your home at the market price.  You have lost the buyer who has moved on to another well priced home- lost forever.  Price right initially.  Buyers will pay over asking price for a home they truly want when other buyers want it too.

2) Ensure Your Location has Curb Appeal to the ‘nth’ degree.  Your home has to visually pop to the buyers out in your real estate market.  In North Kingstown, homes need to have manicured and well landscaped yards, siding in prime condition and paint updated, junk taken out of the yard and trashed, sparkling windows and trim all to get that good buyer through that front door.  You can not change the location where your home is at but you can minimize what may not appeal to buyers by putting plant hedges up as a property screen.

3) Updates and Condition of Home.  You need to step outside yourself and look objectively at your home.  If buyers are looking for hardwoods, granite kitchen with stainless appliances and an open floor plan then either make an affordable update or give a credit at closing to entice the buyers to buy your home.  Also, de-clutter, rent a POD or donate the worthwhile items to a good charity that will benefit from your donation.  Always present your home in the best light.

4) Marketing of Your Home.  The marketing plan a real estate agent presents to you has to be more than listing it in the multiple listing service, sign and flyer box in the front yard, ad in the paper, open houses held.  There is a vast world out there on the internet that 90% of the buyers use to find the home of their dreams!  Make sure the marketing is on many on line sites and promoted weekly with different home information, videos on Youtube, slide shows and stunning pictures.

5) Know thy Agent.  It is more than a name when you hire a North Kingstown RI Real estate agent to market your home…it is how they accommodate showings to get your home seen by the most buyers, negotiate strictly for you and guide you down the right sale price path, take control of the whole transaction and do not hand you off to an associate with the Real Estate Agent only to be seen to pick up their commission check at closing.   Some Real Estate Agents just like signs in sellers yards- you do not want that but what you want is someone who sells homes in a reasonable time frame because they KNOW how to price a home well.  Ask for their sales on market days statistics.  If you are not sure, call me I am always prepared with this information for the seller.

Oh, you know as I do that there are many more top reasons a home does not sell in Rhode Island or beyond but if you focus on the above 5 points you are on your way to a potential home sale.

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