Top Ten Don’ts When Selling Your Rhode Island Home

Top Ten Don’ts When Selling Your Rhode Island Home

Top Ten Don’ts When Selling Your Rhode Island Home.  If you realize what not to do when selling your RI home, your home sale will go much smoother, as follows:

1) Don’t use Zillow or other online sites as your estimator on what your home is worth.  Your house is worth what the current

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Remember the DO NOTs in a home sale.

real estate market says it is worth based upon availability, condition, location and demand.  Trust a specialist agent in your area that knows the home market and can price your home to sell.  You do not want it to sit for months on the market with an aging FOR SALE sign out front!  Just because your town assessor says it is worth $XXX,XXX does not mean the real estate market agrees.

2) Don’t paint your home inside or out with strong colors (yellows, reds, greens, etc.) when selling Your Rhode Island home so that buyers come in and feel they are entering a candy staging factory.  Neutral and warm colors are best such as pearl greys, soft beiges, and warm vanilla tones.  The idea is for the buyers to look at the room and appreciate the space not the overwhelming colors.


3) Don’t leave the shrubbery and trees shading your windows and roof.  The cutting or removal of trees can be a big expense and buyers understand this point so do make an effort to prune and cut limbs and tree branches.  A good arborist is worth their weight in gold.  You want your home visible and welcoming not dark and musty due to a tree canopy!


4) Don’t leave peeling paint around the front door or entry door.  This is your first entry point to the home you are selling.  The first impression may be the last if the buyers will not even step through that threshold.  Paint the door and trim, change the hardware and that good first impression will remain with buyers.


5) Don’t have the smell of animals in your home.  Ask friends or your Real Estate Agent to tell you like it is.  Can they smell an animal smell in any of the rooms in your home?  If so, do something about it.  It may mean replacing carpeting or shampooing carpets but it is a must chore to be done.


6) Don’t leave clutter, personal pictures and full closets in your home.  It may be time to POD or rent a storage unit to get all of grandma’s furniture you just inherited or years of accumulation out of your home.  You want buyers to visualize space and their furniture in your home.  Make it easier for them by opening up rooms and storage areas.  Cluttered homes tell them they will not have enough room in your house too!


7) Don’t upgrade needlessly on areas of your home.  Buyers do want upgraded kitchens and baths today and the return on investment Home magazines say is around 70%.  If you do not have the money to do this, get the estimates to do a counter replacement with some sample granite or corian to showcase to the buyer.  Having estimates in hand for hardwood flooring or refinishing is another important item to consider.  Make sure your return is there for any home improvement.


8) Don’t leave undone repair jobs on heating and/or cooling systems.  A home inspector will find them and any routine maintenance should be addressed prior to listing your home.  In fact, doing a pre-listing home inspection with a reputable home inspector is a great way to be prepared and pro-active before a buyer puts in an offer.


9) Don’t hire a friend to sell your home.  Friendships can be broken over home sales.  You want a top real estate agent that sells homes and markets extensively online.  This is a business decision not a personal decision.  Remember you want the real estate agent that has the right marketing plan and is upfront with you on the market, price and your competition now.


10) Don’t price your home to sit on the market.  Hear me loud and clear…a house ‘ages’ as it sits on the market with continued price reductions and at the wrong price.  The buyers wonder what is wrong with it!  What is your motivation in selling the home- to sell now or in 6 months.  Put it on the market with the right Real Estate Agent when you are ready to price right to sell.  Remember the real estate market will tell you what the going price is!

Selling Your Rhode Island Home


Are you ready to do a few changes to your selling plans for your RI real estate home now?

I hope that as a waterfront RI real estate agent I have given you some good pointers on what not to do to get your home ready for sale.  Remember buyers are looking at all times of the year.  Motivated buyers are out looking in winter, spring, summer and fall.  So get your home ‘dressed and show ready’ now.


Are you thinking about selling your Rhode Island home in the near future?  Let’s talk and let me share why my marketing plan sells homes for more money than my competitors. I would love the opportunity to help.   Call me Ginny Lacey Gorman at 401.529.7849 today.

Top Ten Don’ts to Do When Selling Your Rhode Island Home

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