How To Enlarge Small Spaces

How To Enlarge Small Spaces


                   Enlarge Your Small Spaces with Creative Decorating


Based upon current information from the National Builders Association, the current trend in home buying and building are smaller homes.  Therefore learning how to enlarge small spaces is especially important in today’s homes.


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Decluttered living room


So the McMansions (3000+ square feet of living space) of the last decade will become more of a minority in the next decade.

We will see. If that is the case, the spatial feel of ‘space’ for a home still needs to be there.  Making ‘small’ large is more than a magician’s trick, it takes good design work.  If you are thinking about selling your RI real estate home, take these tips to heart and get going.  It is creative home decorating and it does work.

Here are some ideas and tips to get your small home feeling bigger:

–       Get the Big Furniture out of the way.  Big furniture just doesn’t work in a small home unless you have the 3000 square foot house so it is better to consign it or donate it.  Make sure the entry way if open into your home and do not have furniture in one’s path.  Using glass top tables does make a room look larger.

–       Clutter no more.  It’s donation time…here that phrase again.  Whether it’s chatzkys for decorating, china doll collections or toy soldiers, you need to get collections out of view.

–       Decorators say go with the same color.  Using a theme color that is soft and neutral will make a room space look larger.  Light shades of blues and greens will suggest ‘bigger’ space.

–       Use Natural or Artificial Light Well.  Do you have picture windows or windows in the room?  Well use them to your advantage and do not clutter them with excessive drapes and valances.  Open, pull and secure drapes so you let the natural light in.  If you are lacking natural light use lamps to your advantage.  It is well worth the money to put recessed lighting with LED bulbs or compact fluorescent lights in the living and dining rooms of your home.


Buying or selling Rhode Island real estate can be a stressful process. Getting your RI home ready for sale needs guidance so call me today at 401.529.7849 for a design consultation.  I take the stress out of enlarging small spaces in a home as well as selling a home! I am your coastal RI real estate agent here to help you in your home sale journey.


How To Enlarge Small Spaces


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