Short Sales in RI | Hardships Exist in RI Real Estate

 Short Sales in RI | Hardships Exist in RI Real Estate

In a frank discussion with my Broker yesterday I suggested that short sales with hardships exist in our RI real estate area more everyday.  However, the potential clients who reached out to me months ago have all but disappeared….or seem to.  It seemed no short sales in RI real estateemails or phone calls to set up further discussion on their home financial hardships brought the sellers to me.  Why do you think this is happening I asked him?


Well like everything in life, he said, we have our priorities and something in life has distracted them for a bit.  I do believe his take on it is very sound and as I look back on my Rhode Island short sales of recent years, most clients called me first many months before deciding to short their home.


It is a difficult decision to say that you have a hardship that you can not recover from in making the choice to short sale.


But the hardships are there from the loss of job, medical issues, divorce, relocation, death of one wage earner, loss of job hours, etc.  More hardship reasons than I can mention occur to homeowners.


Having said that yesterday, I just received a call back after 6 months from one potential short sale homeowner, one who is in the midst of a short sale and wants another Real Estate Agent (me ) to now represent her and then a new short sale homeowner called me to sit down next week on her situation.  Did I say hardships exist in peoples lives?


See the reality is that home prices are not rebounding to pre-2006 levels until 2021-2023 in RI real estate (Barclay’s and NY Times for one state this information).


If you have the strength to hang on 10 years good for you.  If you need real short sale assistance on your home, the right guidance and honest information, call me at 401.529.7849 today.  I know, do and am successful in doing short sales with my legal team.

Short Sales in RI | Hardships Abound in RI Real Estate.


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