Ruffle People’s Feathers why Don’t You?!

Ruffle People’s Feathers why Don’t You?!


Interesting thing about speaking up and out is that sometimes you will ruffle people’s feathers. I am not talking about the show of peacock feathers mind you but honest to goodness opinions that need to be heard because no one wants to say it. You know I am told we are real estate agents and should not be putting a bad spin on anything in real estate. Wait a minute here…where is that strong code of ethics in life to be truthful, honest and deliver compassionately to all?


At my Broker’s office meeting the other day, there was a lot of discussion about how difficult it was to get people to list their house if they did not really need to sell. Sellers are telling real estate agents, I’ll wait to the market comes back to sell my home. Now my Broker is trying to get his agents mobilized to bring in the listings and think outside the box a bit to get the inventory up as well as moving. Again silence and some groans, someone mentioned the marketing we were doing and we shared information here at what was working best.


But then I decided to ruffle people’s feathers...see I’m the young one here in my office so to speak…I have not served my years in the real estate field as many have but I needed to speak up.


What about being REALLY honest with sellers and letting them know that the real estate market here is not expected to improve much for the next 3 years I said? Potential sellers have heard that mantra from me recently. Honestly, my goal is not to list a home I can not sell because the seller wants an unrealistic selling price. My clients have heard me share the statistics on short sales, foreclosures and pricing in the current environment here.


I can share with you that over the last month that has been my strategy and I have received two listings from doing this and another listing signed a contract for a March listing. Yes, when presenting the market analysis I showed the trends and went up against real estate agents who gave higher prices but not ‘Reality Pricing‘ of the home. The potential sellers waited two weeks and both gave me a call to list their homes (maybe it’s my charisma too now!).


The sellers are ‘hearing’ what is reality pricing and there is no more soft shoeing around if you want to garner future business. The sellers are getting it now- at least in my area they are. Can you wait or is it better to sell now while mortgage rates are still attractive for buyers?


My Broker turned to me and said “Look at me, I’ve been in the business many years and I’m not doing that and why not…I am using that on my potential sellers today…” You can not be full of fear in this real estate market. This is huge because if you are fearful you will project that out in your subtle words, comments or actions to your clients and potential clients. What are YOU doing to ruffle people’s feathers…I’d love to hear? Ruffle people’s feathers why don’t you today.



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