RI Real Estate Agent Who Specializes in Grey Divorce Home Sales

Ginny Gorman is a RI Real Estate Specialist in Grey Divorces


Grey divorce is the term now used to describe the increasing number of couples over the age of 50 who are getting divorced.  In RI real estate, Ginny Gorman, is known for working well with both divorcing parties in RI home sales.  Getting the best price and terms that suit both parties is her goal and has proven results.  SheGrey Divorce real estate agent in RI is Ginny Gorman is a knowledgeable top RI real estate agent to have.  This ‘grey divorce‘ trend is having a significant impact on the sale of couples’ homes in RI.

Ways that Grey Divorce Impacts the Sale of Couples’ RI Home


  • Divorcing couples are more likely to sell their home.  In the past, couples who divorced would often try to keep the family home.   However, today more couples are choosing to sell their homes during a divorce.  This is because one of them may no RI Divorce real estate agent on Grey Divorces at RI Real Estate Serviceslonger be able to afford the home on one income.
  • Homes of divorcing couples can take longer to sell sometimes.  The emotional ties to a home for a grey divorce couple do complicate home sales.  It is a give and take situation and emotional baggage does come to light.  Many couples argue about the list sales price for their home or are hesitant to make needed home repairs.
  • Due to the demand for RI homes, home sales do move along well resulting in a good sales price when the right RI real estate agent is used.

Tips for Handling the RI Home Sale of a Grey Divorce


  • Hire a strong real estate agent, like Ginny Gorman, who is a specialist in divorce home sales.  Ginny knows and is familiar with the challenges of selling a RI home during a divorce process.  She will help you navigate the sale process and the steps to get there.  Objective and understanding that this is separation can be emotionally charged for both parties.  Yet, getting the best possible home sale price is the goal.
  • Grey divorce couples may be doing equitable mediation or each may have their own attorney.  It is important to be able to move along with agreement on the shared home.
  • Preparing to compromise on the home sale price and the terms of the sale is important.  As difficult as this may be it is important to know that you are both trying to get the best possible outcome.
  • If one of the divorcing parties wants to buy the other spouse out and keep the home, a market price is  arrived at with the help of the Realtor.  The price must satisfy both spouses.
  • Keep communication lines open. Misunderstandings or disagreements arise when communication faulters with your spouse through the home sale process.
  • Be patient.  Selling a RI home during a divorce can take awhile as agreement between couples must be reached to proceed.  Understanding what the remaining home mortgage is, if there is one, and what the resulting home equity is will be another way the  Realtor helps you.   There is an end in sight if the parties reach a compromise on the home sale.

If you are facing a grey divorce or any divorce in Rhode Island, it is important to know that you are not alone.  There are resources available to help you through this difficult time.  Talk with Ginny Gorman at 401.529.7849 or email at RiByTheBay@gmail.com to discuss your home sale.  I am the RI grey divorce real estate agent here to assist you with your home sale.  There are steps Ginny will start you on to move forward on the home sale and for the best price.

Talk to Ginny Gorman on how to sell Your RI home in a Grey Divorce for the best outcome.


I would like the opportunity to help you list, market and sell your home for the highest price and earn your trust.  Ginny Gorman is a totally ‘hands on’ top selling RI coastal real estate agent leaving no home behind for  sellers.

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