Rhode Island Hurricane Preparedness – Be Prepared – Must Do’s

Rhode Island Hurricane Preparedness - Be Prepared - Must Do's

Rhode Island Hurricane Preparedness

Rhode Island Hurricane Preparedness- be prepared – must do’s


especially in the coastal part of RI real estate. It has been 

20 years since hurricane Bob hit us in RI so residents are a bit rusty and complacent about what to do and how to prepare for a RI hurricane.


The RI Department of Emergency Management has their site up and running…so go down the check list of planning. We are a couple of days away so it is best that all RI homeowners begin their preparations, pet preparedness, contact needs and house protection.


Here is a quick list of hurricane preparedness items to do in the next day:

3 days of storm supplies on hand. Water, granola bars, fruit and non-refrigerated items

Generator. If you have one, get it ready with enough gas for it.

Batteries and flashlights. At least 3 sets of ‘D’ size batteries for each flashlight should last a week without electricity.

Tarps. Broken windows, roof leaks are all possibilities here so have something that can go over them.

Ziploc bags. Put cash, license, insurance policy, house deed, credit cards, cell phone, computer and all important papers in water tight containers.

Digital and video cameras. Before the storm take a video tour of the inside and outside of your home, upload privately to YouTube or Photo Sharing private service. You may need these to document any insurance damage and you will have it.

Pet needs. If you have to go to a shelter, you must make arrangements with another party to take your pets in for you so get food, leashes and pet crates ready.

Plan. Notify all family members who your contact person will be out of area if they can’t reach you. This is the person you will get in touch with if communication is not possible. Have a center point location established that you will all meet at if the power and communication lines are down.


Now get going today to get organized today.


Rhode Island Hurricane Preparedness – Be Prepared – Must Do’s.


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