North Kingstown Septic Loan Program

North Kingstown Septic Loan Program


It is back!  Available funds now for the North Kingstown septic loan program are awaiting you.  If you have not had the necessary funds to replace your failing septic or a cesspool, this is the septic repair loan program for you.  The North Kingstown septic program for loans is being administered by Rhode Island Housing and you must be a current North Kingstown RI real estate homeowner to use this loan program.

North Kingstown Rhode Island Septic Loan Program

 This town septic loan program has the following benefits and requirements for homeowners who live in North Kingstown:

Program loan that you apply for can be for 3,5,7 or 10 years

Low interest rate of 2%

Loan amounts allowed are from $1000 – $25,000

All septics must have a effluent filter and risers to the grade of the land installed too.

Be compliant with all RIDEM wastewater management requirements now in place by using a town approved onsite wastewater installer.


The purpose of this septic loan program is to repair or replace failed septic systems in North Kingstown.

Funds are limited so it is being handled on a first come, first served basis.  The application form is on the Town of North Kingstown web site under the water department and then go to the wastewater management tab (click on it).  Go to the bottom of that page and a downloaded and printable pdf document will be available for you.

A few years ago the town had a similar program and I was able to help one of my clients with their septic loan and installation of the septic system prior to their selling their home.


These are needed funds for North Kingstown homeowners to take advantage of right now and the best time to take advantage of this program is right now!  Don’t wait.  Get your septic application completed.  Your home can not be underwater to apply for this program (meaning your house is worth less than your mortgage).  Besides completing the application you must supply copies of 2 pay stubs for each applicant for the loan, copy of your most recent federal signed tax return and 2 years of W-2’s and a copy of your mortgage deed.

There are a list of approved ISDS (septic) installers on the town’s waste water management page to choose from.

This is a public service notification shared by your local North Kingstown coastal real estate agent, Ginny Gorman, of RI coastal real estate.  Happy to provide local homeowners with the most current information that improves their living in the community.  This is a fabulous  North Kingstown septic loan program to take advantage of if you qualify.  Do it now!

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North Kingstown Septic Loan Program


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