North Kingstown RI- Rhode Island Real Estate- Short Sales

North Kingstown RI – Rhode Island Real Estate-Short Sales


The number of North Kingstown short sales  has an increased by 4 since January 2012.  There are new ones listed

Rhode Island real estate short sales

North Kingstown RI short sales

weekly keeping short sales inventory up. Knowing where to start when you are struggling  with your home is the $64,000 question.  As  North Kingstown short sale agents knows, the short sale process takes time and having the endurance for both buyer and seller to hold on during this waiting period is important. There are market buys if one has the patience, right agent and a knowledgeable negotiating team to get the deal completed. Keeping the sellers’ home out of foreclosure is the goal.

How important is it in Rhode Island Real Estate to work with a qualified agent in short sales?  Very important as a homeowner in North Kingstown RI and beyond that you work with North Kingstown short sale agents who negotiate and close short sales successfully and with a waiver of deficiency judgment. 


21 North Kingstown RI Real Estate homes for sale are short sales (single family, multi-family and condominiums).


If you can wait for a closing and want a market deal on a short sale home in a North Kingstown neighborhood you desire, review the following list of Rhode Island real estate and please give me a call for more information:

Single family & Multi- family short sale homes for sale:

1) 17 Johnson Ave.…3 bedrooms, 1881 sq.ft. Cape cod for $348,500.
2) 43 Charter Oak Ct…4 bedrooms,2944 
sq. ft. Colonial for $429,900.

3) 100 Mark Drive….Multi family..4 bedrooms,2744 sq.ft., side by side for $159,000.

4) 494 Shore Acres Rd…3 bedroom, 1948 sq.ft. Colonial for $179,900.
5) 99 Sand Hill Rd…3 bedrooms, 1366 sq.ft. Ranch for $236,550.

6) 1431 Boston Neck Rd…3 bedrooms, 1915 sq.ft. Cape Cod for $272,500.

7) 140 Beauchamp Rd….4 bedrooms, 2722 sq.ft. Colonial for $444,500.
8) 19 Shady lea Rd..3 bedroom, 1522 sq.ft. Cape Cod for $197,500.
9) 371 Butternut Dr….3 bedroom, 1382 sq.ft, Cape Cod for $170,000.
10) 20 Ponte Lane….4 bedrooms, 1248 sq.ft  Split level for $199,900
11) 110 Ewing Rd…5 bedrooms, 1800 sq.ft. Cape Cod for $179,900.
12) 122 Ewing Rd….3 bedrooms, 1152 sq.ft. Cape Cod for $154,900.

13) 57 Firwood Dr…3 bedrooms, 1100 sq.ft. Ranch for $195,000.

14) 22 Highland Rd…5 bedrooms, 3240 sq.ft. Colonial for $325,000.

15) 51 Himes St…2 bedrooms, 1256 sq.ft. Ranch for $165,000.

16) 39 Narragansett Street, 3 bedrooms, 2617 sq.ft, waterfront cottage for $410,000.

17) 80 Forest Park Dr…3 bedrooms, 1080 sq.ft., Ranch, $169,900.

18) 55 Harrington Dr…4 bedrooms, 1460 sq. ft., Cape Cod, $169,900.

19) 22 Woodland Dr…3 bedrooms, 1032 sq.ft. ,Ranch, 1032 sq.ft., $199,900.

Short Sale Condos:

20) 40 Web Ave., 2 bedrooms, 1314 sq.ft for $99,900.

21) 18 A Caddy Rock Rd.,2 bedrooms, 1368 sq.ft. for $164,000.


These 21 North Kingstown short sales may be in a neighborhood you want to live.  As a buyer, it takes some time to close but chat with me about the process in detail.

My legal and negotiating team is experienced in the short sale process and can guide you through it successfully as a buyer or seller.


 If you are having trouble paying your mortgageplease give me, Ginny Gorman, a call today at 401-529-7849 for a confidential discussion.  North Kingstown RI – Rhode Island Real Estate-Short Sales.


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Ginny and her team are the North Kingstown short sale agents to contact if you are having trouble paying your mortgage. Waterfront, oceanfront, luxury and coastal RI real estate are her specialty but all of RI is her backyard.

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