North Kingstown Free Market Analysis on Your Home

North Kingstown Free Market Analysis on Your Home


Are you considering listing your home but thought you would wait for the spring season?  Buyers are waiting for choices in homes to be offered up by sellers right now.  This is the time to get a free market analysis of your North Kingstown RI real estate home.

Fall & winter listings are hot as homeowners remove their homes from the market leaving fewer choices for home buyers.  Since fall is here and to anyone in the real estate business that means North Kingstown listings will be needed.  To me, as a RI coastal real estate agent, that means that my on line marketing and exposure needs to be increased.

Buyers are waiting for the right property to appear.  Listings are in demand.   Many homeowners wait for May and June with green grass and warmer temperatures to list their homes.  But the time is now! Mortgage changes are happening in January so this is the time to get your Comprehensive Market Analysis of you North Kingstown RI home.  Be surprised and let me help you on your way to the right online presence to market your home successfully.


North Kingstown Free Market Analysis on Your Home

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Free Home Market Analysis North Kingstown RI Homes – North Kingstown Free Market Analysis

I am having a lot of activity on my well priced and show ready South County RI listings.  So home pricing is extremely important.when a free market analysis for a North Kingstown home is done.  Remember it is not the number of North Kingstown homes listed that you need to know about when interviewing agents but what is sold, days on market (especially when withdrawn and then re-listed) and list price to sold price ratios of that agent.  What is the presence of the agent in social media and internet to bring buyers to your property.  90% of buyers look on line now!!

Wowing home selling clients with my IPad presentations, online shows, virtual tours and online exposure still gets down to selling the house at the highest price in the shortest amount of time!  You need to know how to move a home to the closing table well.  It is not just the contract that counts but everything else that gets you your money in your pocket.

Call me Ginny Lacey Gorman for a free market analysis on your North Kingstown RI home as fall listings are needed and will  move when marketed properly.

Looking for a North Kingstown home for sale ?

Work with a North Kingstown real estate agent who delivers the homes sold for her clients by strong online & offline marketing.   Exposure of a home’s best points through videos, pictures, blogs and promotion.  Call me at 401.529.7849, Ginny Lacey Gorman,  RI coastal real estate agent today.  Make today the day you get your free market analysis of your North Kingstown home.


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