Marketing Know How Sells North Kingstown RI Homes

Marketing Know How Sells North Kingstown RI Homes


What kind of marketing know how sells North Kingstown RI homes again and again by real estate agents?  First, it is not the kind of marketing that a real estate agent just puts it in the newspaper, the multiple listing service and a sign in the yard!  No, it is not and do not be misled that this is your answer to a home sale. 

It is the marketing know how of targeted mailed postcards, multiple internet site postings of your home, search engine optimization, aerial photography, social media, video toursYouTube videos, blog posts & reverse prospecting to name a few.  A RI coastal real estate agent can sell southern RI real estate successfully when they have the right online marketing strategy integrated with many advertising paths to showcase the homes.  It is just not a strategy the majority of Realtors do unfortunately.


Marketing Know How Sells North Kingstown RI Homes

 I sold this home even before it came to the North Kingstown Real Estate Market for List Price

Understand as a potential RI home seller that it is not just the volume of homes sold in a given time period but the list price to sales price that is important.  You need to question all possible agents to show you their data on it.  Many agents do not show you how they have marked the home down consistently over time.  They promised a high selling price and did not deliver on it to the seller.  


  As a North Kingstown top real estate listing agent my list to sales price on homes sold in 2014 & 2015  was 99%!   This should be something you as a potential seller ask, take note of and review.  Many agents promise you a high home sales or listing price, list it at the price you want and after a couple of weeks start pressing you for steep price reductions.  It takes a knowledgeable negotiator and steadfast business person to know the local real estate market and have a sense for the home buyers out there.  It is not just how you sell a home that matters but HOW you attract the buyers in to your listings.

What is the secret sauce to my RI home selling success that works for clients?  No one does the extensive property marketing in RI coastal real estate like I do for my home sellers.  Again from aerial photography and video, virtual Marketing Know How Sells North Kingstown RI Homestours of properties, postcard mailings, neighborhood invites to see homes for sale, knocks on doors to let neighbors know a house in their neighborhood is for sale, newspaper promotions, YouTube videosblog posts multiple times on the home posted on line, open houses are a must.  Also, I have been fortunate to be quoted by national magazines such as Yankee and Money magazine as an authoritative RI real estate source and go to agent.  And more…some secrets stay that way buried within…they are my secret sauce for you!

Marketing Know How Sells North Kingstown RI Homes 


A confirmed real estate junkie, I love what I do in North Kingstown real estate and in other southern RI communities.  Potential clients tell me they ‘see me everywhere online’ but do they really know what it means for the sale of their home?  It is more than a bonus win for them when they let me market,  stage and generate the marketing campaign for their home.


 Because my listings are ‘found everywhere on line’ home buyers find the home they want more often than their real estate agent does!  So that is one of the great benefits that does not have a dollar price on it.   It has a value of SOLD home written all over it for a seller.   The goal Market to sell, not list to have a ‘For Sale’ sign placed on the front lawn for months at a time.

My real estate ability gets the property sale done right.  Negotiating hard for my clients (my corporate financial background prepared me well here) resulting in obtaining the best sales price on a house sale is my goal.  Remember when I represent you in a home sale you get a true fiduciary relationship here that I honor diligently.  Being the concierge of service for my clients sets me apart from the real estate pack.

So I know you must be thinking of selling your home? Give me, Ginny Gorman, the RI coastal and luxury real estate agent a call at 401.529.7849 or email me at  I not only sell homes in the community, I own property in town so I know the area, RI DEM & flood plain changes and competition in homes like the back of my hands!  Let’s see if our styles work well together today and plan now for your North Kingstown home sale tomorrow.

Marketing Know How Sells North Kingstown RI Homes


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