Let’s Talk Smoke Detectors Now | It Can Save Your Family’s Lives

Let’s Talk Smoke Detectors Now | It Can Save Your Family’s Lives

If you missed the news recently about types of smoke detectors to have in a RI real estate home, I would like to recap this information.


smoke detectors in ri real estate

Ionization & Photoelectric Smoke Detectors are a Must!

There are 2 different types of smoke detectors: ionization ones and photoelectric ones.  Nearly all homes have ionization smoke detectors because builders tend to use these upon building a home.  But what about photoelectric smoke detectors?


Recent testing by fire labs are showing a VAST difference in how smoke detectors alert homeowners when a fire is burning.


Ionization smoke detectors tend to respond quicker to fast fires and will alert you quicker.  Photoelectric smoke detectors will alert you sooner to ‘smoldering fires’ that will generate a lot of smoke.  So what are you to do?  Check out this video now:


Types of Smoke Alarms —

Recent testing shows that photoelectric smoke detectors will alert you many minutes earlier to smoldering fires than ionization detectors.  In fact, they will save your life so your family does not suffocate from the smoke.  This is an eye opening alert for most homeowners.


Recommended course of action:  Have BOTH types of smoke detectors in your house.  Certainly outside or within the bedrooms you want a photoelectric smoke detectors.  Consider this an inexpensive way to protect the ones you love.  This is cheap insurance that is waiting for you at your local hardware store today.  This is a public service blog brought to you by the RI Real Estate Agent in the sparkly red shoes, Ginny Lacey Gorman.  Let’s Talk Smoke Detectors Now | It Can Save Your Family’s Lives.


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