Follow Your Heart

Follow Your Heart

It is considered an expression of sincerity when  someone says ‘follow your heart‘.

I say in real estate to my buyers follow your heart- BUT keep your mind


Follow Your Heart

clear and decisive.  Isn’t it always a little of both peppered in there?  Let’s be realistic – when said it adds the hot stuff to the mix.

Loving what you do in your life, work and creative passions can be to your advantage.  The Heart in my case, talking about the shape of it now, has been in my design work (quilting), old items collected (handmade hearts from long ago) and yes, those old Valentine postcards too (I’ve bought oodles of them at auctions) since I was young.  It says ME …all the way.  So does that mean I just like old stuff?  Think about it – what do you do that personifies and flows into the true professional you?  How do you show it sincerely to your clients?

Do you like those ‘sparkly red shoes‘ denoted so well by Dorothy of Oz’s ruby red slippers?

I do…characteristically red has been my color for ages.  I’m told it shows a person of strength and zeal (lol, it’s the 10 pound hand weights I use at the gym).   I do my best to deliver with heart and soul to my real estate clients everyday.   It is the thrill of following your heart that opens you to new possibilities around you.  And in the world of real estate you can be that key turner to the buyer or seller, tenant or landlord.

Deliver that sincerity everyday …. set oneself apart from others. …it is the heart beating pleasure of the job…it’s the zeal within and it is the uncompromising promise that hopefully tomorrow is another good day in real estate when you follow your heart!


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