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Estate Sale Real Estate Agent in North Kingstown RI area


Estate Sale RI real estate agent in North Kingstown and Washington County RI areas.  Dealing with real estate property before or after probate is always the question.


There is nothing easy about losing a loved one and having to deal with the estate and ultimate RI real estate home sale.  But taking charge of settling the personal property and real estate property is part of the estate process.  In Rhode Island real estate, as a real estate agent, I help families take the needed steps to sell the home, ensure all probate items have been done, ITL with the state are cleared and get to the closing table.  Whatever assistance I can give to help you, I am there.


Estate Sale Realtor in North Kingstown RI area

Knowing how to market and sell Estate homes

 In my family, we have dealt with my father’s estate when he tragically passed away.  He had everything in legal order which made it easier to deal with on the estate side.   But we all have such emotions in dealing with property, possessions and moving that to sell as an Estate.  I understand that you do as well.

Understanding the emotion of Estate settlement is part of this real estate process.


Dealing with clients who are going through this part of life is what I do with the utmost of concern and understanding.  It is not an easy process but one I can help you with.


Why a North Kingstown real estate agent works on estate sales?


Ensuring that you reach out to the right real estate agent who can understand the emotional toll it takes on a family is so important.  Finding a RI real estate agent who will understand the family’s needs and have compassion is essential I would think.  Also, that the real estate agent understands the locale where the property is no matter where you are located and makes the sales process smooth for you as executor. With email and smart phones, legal paperwork can easily transfer digitally across time zones and many miles to accommodate sellers.


Realize that if your family member did not have a will you will need to go to probate court in the town they resided in (property location).  Each RI town has a probate court with different number of days beforehand they must be notified of sale as well as a number of days after probate court with approval a house should close.  In North Kingstown, it is 20 days after probate court approval that a house can be sold.  Always check with a local real estate attorney for current information.


As an experienced North Kingstown Estate home seller and real estate agent in Washington County, my job is to make the home sale go well.  As an estate sale real estate agent my goal is helping you through the RI real estate home sale process.


 I have sold many Washington(South Kingstown, Narragansett, Exeter & Charlestown) and Kent county (Warwick, Cranston, East Greenwich) Estate homes for clients over the past years.  Whether it is before the probate or after probate, helping you through the ‘get ready to market process’ is what I am prepared to do.   It is a part of my job that I have been told I do very well, with sensitivity and with much kindness.  

Living in Washington county my whole adult life in the South County RI  towns has given me a strong basis for the communities I serve as well as the clients.  It is my home port and my knowledge base is strong.  



Preparing an Estate Home to be Listed on the Real Estate Market

Preparation and condition is key to selling and Estate home.  As you decide what personal property and furniture will be sold or removed prior to putting the home on the market, I can offer guidance here.  I can assist you with staging the home since the price that can be obtained is due to condition too.  Location is important as well and my real estate expertise can offer valuable information on current sales that are comparable.  Let me help guide you during this process as you make your decisions.
Again it is your decision of what you want to do or not do in terms of getting the home to market.  I can tell you the pluses and minuses of many options and let you decide.  My job is not to decide for you but help you through the process and come up with a marketable price for the Estate property.

Difficult Time for Family Dealing with an Estate

I am always here for questions, to listen and help you through decision making, and help make the Estate home sale go as well as can be expected.  It is inevitable if this was a family home that emotions can be strained at this time.  I do understand.


North Kingstown and Washington County RI Estate Specialist

Listing an selling an estate takes more coordination and forethought than a typical straight sale.  Melding of personalities and whether I fit with you as well as you fit with me is an integral part of this process.  Let us talk about this process and your expectations.  Ensuring that you work with the right estate probate attorney as well as an attorney that understands the here and now real estate process is so important.  Missteps can add months to the settlement process for your property.
If you or your family have an Estate sale home or just starting that process, land or commercial property to sell in the North Kingstown, South Kingstown, Exeter, Narragansett, Charlestown, Warwick or Cranston areas please give me a call, Ginny Lacey Gorman, at 401-529-7849 or if you like email me at .  Let me help you through this Estate home sale process.

Estate Sale Real Estate Agent in North Kingstown RI area

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