Bank of America – You Better Hear Me Now!

Bank of America – You Better Hear Me Now!


No Verizon and Bank of America are not merging- let me put that rumor to rest.  But some things they definitely have

Bank of America Respond

Hands & Words work here

in common.  Lack of customer service.


One thing about a RI short sale is that when you work with an effective short sale team, you will get the client’s home short sold and avoid foreclosure.  As North Kingstown short sale agents, I work on this every day, field questions from potential clients on RI short sales and be there for my sellers.


Bank of America has just been so frustrating lately for one of my sellers…first, they just can not seem to remove the first short sale buyer from the Equator system.  Okay we thought we got it done so why does the file still remain with them?!  Oh, now they say it is corrected- really!  Secondly, the seller had a name change and we could not get that straightened out with them even though it happened before the South Kingstown short sale process began.  And yes, they had changed everything they told us in the Bank of America system to her new name!  As of this week they say we are back on track- name change done.  Are we really to believe this?


Why is all this important on a South Kingstown RI short sales?  Because it becomes the delaying tactics that do not get us to the next step for my clients…i.e. the BPO (brokers price opinion) so we can get this short sale on track to an agreed upon sales price.  It is taking the time, unfortunately, we thought it would take and yes, the buyer is incredulous that this can happen to a bank that promotes itself so well in the media.  Ha!  A guise of shadows must be unearthed by a North Kingstown short sale agent and her team.


Yes, do not even get me on Verizon who wants to charge me umpteen dollars for my phone upgrade even though my contract ends next month!  Do you ALL hear me now!!  The consumer waits in line a long time lately…where is Customer First?


So Bank of America…you need to hear me now and snooker that line from Verizon because YOU really do not want me upset.  My legal team says we are back on track with Bank of America so let’s see what happens by next week.  Buyer, seller have patience …Bank of America – You Better Hear Me Now!


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