10 Energy Savers – Save the Home Dollars Now

10 Energy Savers- Save the Home Dollars Now


It is just beginning to get cold again in North Kingstown Rhode Island real estate and since a long winter is ahead of us, I just wanted to cover

Home Energy Savers in RI real estate

Yes a windmill saves Dollars for RI homes for sale in real estate!

10 RI energy savers all homeowners should know about

that will take you under 15 minutes to put into action …and begin to hear the coins saved…green energy begins!

– Keep your home thermostat no higher than 68 degrees – for every degree you turn the thermostat down you lower your energy costs by 1-3%

– Clean your furnace filter (gas furnaces have them vacuumed)
– Install storm windows (or shut them if they are open)
– Close your curtains, drapes and shades at night
– Use direct sunlight to heat the rooms during the daytime
– Vampire electronics!  Unplug unused electronics
– Shut the chimney flue when not in use
– Remove air conditioning units from windows
– Set hot water tank temperature settings at 120 degrees, no higher
– Learn to wash clothes in cold water (brr!)


These tips are courtesy of National Grid which is one of our RI energy providers.


For more energy in action hot tips go to www.nationalgridus.comSavings, yes green energy, here adds up to savings for our environment also.

If you know of homeowners in a financial crisis and can not pay their energy bill and are not eligible for the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP), the Rhode Island Good Neighbor Energy Fund may help them.  A maximum grant is $400 once per heating season per family.  Call 401.831.1119 for more information today.  Reach out and be a resource for a neighbor too.


10 Energy Savers – Save the Home Dollars Now.


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