You Don’t Always Know in Real Estate the People You Touch

You Don’t Always Know in Real Estate the People You Touch


Sometimes it is a story told, sometimes it is a good deed done,

Rhode Island Realtor making a difference

Good to be Remembered

sometimes it is just a niceness of approach of feelings left behind and remembering that person.  Isn’t it wonderful when someone can locate you specifically because you made the difference and touched them in some small way.

Truth be told, I was surprised when someone from my career banking past searched me out because of my fairness and firmness in dealing with them in corporate life.


See my name, Ginny Lacey Gorman, has a strong presence on the internet for my Rhode Island real estate business.  I need to ensure all my sellers’ listings are well seen, shown and stimulate the interest of real estate buyers.

But when someone searches me out from 10 years ago and I never did a real estate transaction with them, I am amazed.

It is about Rhode Island real estate

Furry Friends too!


You truly do not know how one can touch another’s life in some form.  This home seller is getting on in years now and wants me to sell their home as they de-clutter and scale back their belongings and find a simpler place to live.  One level living would be best he said since the joints don’t do what they use to, he said.


I am more than happy to oblige and touched by the thought that whatever I did right then, I can continue to do right in my Rhode Island real estate career.  I represent buyers and sellers in this North Kingstown real estate setting as well as surrounding waterfront towns.  Call me at 401.529.7849 to discuss your real estate needs.

You Don’t Always Know in Real Estate the People You Touch.


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