When is Home Selling by a North Kingstown RI Real Estate Agent not Marketing at all?

When is Home Selling by a North Kingstown RI Real estate agent  not Marketing at all?


So tell me when is home selling by a North Kingstown RI Real Estate Agent not marketing at all?


The fact is when selling your home the listing real estate agent should not keep it a Secret. Yet many Real Estate Agents do just that. Marketing your property on the internet, mailings and signs is what it is all about in today’s real estate marketing world.  However,most Real Estate Agents are not using the internet to its full advantage or they are not using it at all to market the client’s RI real estate home.


Why would a North Kingstown Real Estate Agent only display one picture of a home being marketed for sale or no picture at all for the length of the listing?  Now why would the Real Estate Agent you entrust your home to do this and expect to get you, the seller, Ready- Willing- and Qualified buyers for your home?  It may be that they don’t want any competition in showing and marketing your home.  They only want the buyers to come through them and that is not in the best representation of performing their duties to you, the client.  Be aware of what the whole marketing plan is for your home prior to listing with an agent. It is so important.  If you want the highest price for your home in a sale it needs to be marketed well on the internet.


Also, you should be getting weekly updates on how the marketing plan is being implemented.  In RI, 80% of the homes sold are sold by the cooperating agent not the listing agent – remember the mls system is not what most consumers are looking at when they are searching for a community- they are ‘Googling’ a community as well as information on its homes for sale.  The home buyer is doing their home research on line and that is where you want your home marketed extensively.


Blogging may be a newer term to you or you may have heard of it or not really understand it in regards to selling your home.  It is really a web log (BLOG) of information by individuals on different subjects.   For me a North Kingstown real estate agent, I blog about my community, happenings, businesses, North Kingstown homes for saleNorth Kingstown homes sold and just about anything that impacts real estate.


In marketing your home in North Kingstown RI it’s extremely important to have a real estate agent who ‘blogs’ on your home for sale and the community you live in.  Since 90% of the consumers start their search on line for a home, you want your home to be seen and showcased as best as possible.  It is paramount that your home information is showcased in different formats on the internet.


Here is the link for the ‘blog’ post I wrote on this home to bring it to the attention of buyers:10 Greenway Drive Wickford RI 02852 Home for Sale.


So if you want to make to make the next step to actually selling your home by a North Kingstown real estate agent who truly markets all her homes successfully by blogging, call me at 401-529-7849. Whether you have a waterfront, oceanfront or neighborhood home in North Kingstown RI. It works for my home selling clients in North Kingstown and beyond. So when is home selling by a North Kingstown RI real estate agent not marketing at all?


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