What is a Mortgage Assumption?

What Is A Mortgage Assumption?

A Mortgage Assumption is a feature that both FHA and VA mortgage loans have.  The

Understand Mortgages in Rhode Island real estate-What is a Mortgage Assumption?

What is a Mortgage Assumption?

Assumption feature permits a Homeowner that has a FHA or VA mortgage to let Buyer who wants to purchase their home, to take over their monthly payments at the same term and interest rate that they presently have.

Why is this feature important?  Why would anyone want to do a mortgage assumption today since interest rates are so low?  The answer to those two questions are simple.  No one would want to take over a mortgage today at a higher interest rate than they can get on a new mortgage.  BUT it is an extremely important feature for anyone purchasing a home today with a FHA or VA Mortgage, when they go to sell their house in the future, and the interest rates are much higher.

For example, in 1981 I purchased my house from a Homeowner that had a Connecticut Housing Finance Authority (CHFA) Mortgage.  Most CHFA Mortgages are FHA insured, and his was.  He had owned the house for only two years, the balance on the mortgage was $50,000, and he was selling the house for $57,000.  The interest rates at that time was 15%, however, the CHFA interest rate that this Seller had was 7.75%.  I contacted CHFA, gave them my financial information, and they gave me permission for a mortgage assumption.

In Assuming a mortgage you can only Assume the outstanding balance on the mortgage.  So I gave him the difference between what he was selling the property at and what he owned, $7,000.  I took over (Assumed) his payments at 7.75% for the remaining 28 years.  CHFA released him from all liability on the property, and my monthly payments were HALF of what they would have been at the 15%.  It was a great deal for me, a quick sale for him, and he got his full asking price.

Interest rates will sooner or later start to go up again, and when they do, those that are doing FHA and VA Mortgages today are going to have a very valuable selling feature when they go to sell their home.  Having the ability to let a Buyer purchase your home by simply letting them Assume your mortgage (they have to qualify through the Lender like I did) is a tremendous advantage, especially once interest rates double again.  This option can be the difference between a Buyer choosing to purchase your house over another, and being able to get a higher asking price.  Assuming a Mortgage is a win win for everyone involved in the transaction once interest rates start to climb, which might not be in the not too distant future again.

USDA Mortgages may also be Assumable, but they have limitations that FHA and VA do not have.  The biggest difference between the Assumable feature of FHA and VA, and the mortgage assumption feature of a USDA Mortgage is that USDA does not release the original Borrower from the liability of the mortgage which is a major drawback.

This blog is only an overview of What Is A Mortgage Assumption?  If you are considering doing an Assumption of a Mortgage, you need to talk to a local Mortgage Professional, who will go over with you all the step by step details that are involved in this process.  What Is A Mortgage Assumption?


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