Washington County RI Waterfront Homes for Sale under $500,000

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Washington County RI Waterfront Homes for Sale under $500,000


Washington County RI Waterfront Homes for Sale under $500,000 are here for the discriminating buyer.  There are nearly 85 Washington County RI waterfront homes for sale at last count according to the coastal RI real estate figures.

However, as my RI realty experience has shown me and is tested everyday, people want that one diamond in the rough that is under $500,000.  Now that is the find if you have your Sherlock hat on today.


Search for waterfront homes in Washington County RI to your delight.  Find any that pique your coastal interest?  How deep are your pockets and how credit worthy are you?  Finding that under half a million dollar waterfront home is hard when you are matching buyers criteria up with price and RI location.


Right now there are 15 (yes, that is right) waterfront homes and condos on the market under a half a million dollars in Washington County RI.  The towns encompassed by this search are : North Kingstown, South Kingstown, Narragansett, Westerly and Charlestown.


No pond homes here they all must be waterfront on true salt water.  Surprised at the few available?  Well last year was a bonanza year for coastal homes in RI being sold.  Yet most were over $500,000.  The ones under $500,000 needed complete renovation in most cases.

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Washington County RI Waterfront Homes for Sale under $500k


Well priced, one of a kind oceanfront RI homes are hard to find at this price point.  Space is limited for building in most towns and fewer homes command that presence of water.  You know that it is about location and this type of location you need to pay well for.

Do you have the urgency to seek out a home with potential of renovation on the waterfront in Washington County RI?

Please give me a call and work with a waterfront RI real estate agent that understands the coastal landscape of Rhode Island homes.  Limited availability is the word now.  You need an agent that has their pulse on new offerings and potential homes coming on the market.  Don’t wait.  Call me at 401.529.7849 or email me at ginny@RiHouseHunt.com to set up an appointment today.  Washington County Waterfront Homes for Sale under $500,000.


Ginny Lacey Gorman is a waterfront Rhode Island Real Estate Agent who works and knows the Washington County RI geographic area of RI homes for sale, schools, happenings and important tidbits of information well.

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