So is There Anything I should Know about This House?

So is There Anything I should Know about This House?


Now when I get a call from a buyer’s agent with this type of question when his buyers were told to go to all the Open Houses they wanted without the buyers agent, I tend to twitch! Ok, maybe it is getting my hair up a bit on end…you get theSo is There Anything I should Know about This House? message. Where are you oh wonderful Buyer’s Agent?? Have you not bothered to say let me run down and take a look at this home your buyers seem to love? Buyers beware this kind of real estate agent.


Yes, did you happen to review ALL the disclosures that I posted on line – lead, sellers sales, plat map, etc. ? What did you say – NO. Well then I represent the sellers and it is up to you to do your due diligence. Please do not sit on your lazy behind and expect me to reveal some big surprise with what I know because I know what the sellers tell me and I observe. Transparency is me plus I do not represent your BUYERS but you do!


Please review the disclosures BEFORE you even call me…then I will be gladly answer every and all questions you have. If I don’t have the answer and it is something specific to the home in question that I could find out, I will gladly do that. BUT, it is best that you see the home your clients love first. As a buyer’s agent that would be my first course. I could not imagine in my North Kingstown real estate realm of not thoroughly looking at a home and its disclosures…discuss the positives and negatives with them and ask them if they wanted to put an offer in.

Boy, there is bit of laziness out there in a slowed down RI real estate market right now. I am just amazed. Not upset, just flabbergasted. Put your best foot forward when you deal with me as a North Kingstown agent and especially your clients…I do expect you to have some knowledge before you pitch questions at me! Get off your behind and do your job for your clients as their buyers agent….enough said. Well I do have a fire in my belly on this subject…can you tell

So is There Anything I should Know about This House?


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