Remembering Nine Eleven



We will never forget

Remembering Nine Eleven

There is so much to remember regarding this day a decade ago that I just can not begin to remember it all.  From my son who just started college in NYC, my mother driving in to bring him a food care package, to my then  husband’s niece who as a photographer was photographing the vivid death at ground zero.  Life became surreal, loss of life horrific.

I remember well.
Who can forget.
We lost a part of ourselves that day.
Buried deep inside we never forget.
Each person remains in our hearts that perished.
We cherish so the ones who made it through.
Have we learned more since then.
Have we done more to protect all.
This is our world as it is.
We can remember but not change.
Globally we live.

Remembering Nine Eleven.

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