Outside Wood Burning Furnaces in the Neighborhood

outside wood burning furnaceOutside Wood Burning Furnaces in the Neighborhood


It may be that as oil and gas becomes more expensive that outside wood burning furnaces become not so dirty words. I have nothing against burning wood. In fact, I love the smell of burning wood but it is not pleasurable to inhale a barrage of smoke when an outside wood furnace is being vigorously stoked. Although I am very curious how the neighbors feel about this outside wood furnace in a somewhat residential neighborhood. There is privacy with the two acre lots but that smoke does create a billowing stream.

It is not like South Kingstown is out in the boondocks where neighbors tend

lots of wood

is an outside wood burning furnace a dirty word

to keep to themselves and don’t mind what a neighbor does as long as it’s within the property boundaries. South Kingstown RI has waterfront and vacation homes for sale as well as residential neighborhood ones and it is unusual to find one of these outside wood furnaces in a neighborhood. Now the present owner of the home for sale has had this furnace for a few years and did not need a special permit from the zoning board to put this structure up. However, theirs is now grandfathered and future outside wood furnaces are evaluated based upon residential density and a number of other finer points that would impact whether or not you are allowed one.


My buyers were actually thrilled with this furnace and thought it would be so much easier to deal with and it would eliminate the ‘sootiness’ of a regular wood stove burning in a home. It is an advantage but I did mention to the buyers that this furnace needs to be ‘fed’ quite a bit to keep it going. They were not deterred and let’s say this home,along with its other features, is in the top three to consider.


Just couldn’t see myself putting in 30 pound tree stumps to feed this Hansel & Gretel fire pit but I’m not the one buying the home. Outside wood burning furnaces do not need to be dirty words anymore!


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