My Buyer has Move-a-Phobia of He has Cement Shoes

My Buyer has Move-a-Phobia or He has Cement Shoes


Yes, you heard it right…the symptoms are manifesting themselves lately in parts of RI…has it hit your locale

Buyer with cement shoes on

Why it is a RI Buyer’s Market?!

yet?  One has to chuckle.  I even asked my doctor friend if he has any known cure for this move-a-phobia because I really would like to spur this buyer on since the home buys are great.

Temperature is about 98.6 degrees
Throat not red
No body aches
No light headedness
Bank account $$ still healthy….oh for crying out loud (my dad’s favorite expression!) what is the problem and I can not cure it.


He says it took it all out of him to move into his month to month rental this summer.  He has acquired Move-a-Phobia.  Now as resourceful a North Kingstown Agent as I am, I can not cure him right now (who knows maybe the turkey dinner that awaits him might do the trick?).  If I can just bear with him to sometime next year, this dreaded buyer disease may cure itself entirely.  It is known as a self curable disease.


Hey, I am a patient Real Estate Agent but hope that this does not become a pandemic of sorts!


Truth be told, I hate moving too (ssh, don’t tell anyone)!!  But when the prices are right, mortgage rates are good- it is important to look at the long term picture.  Don’t let the opportunities pass you by.  Do something about the condition.

My Buyer has Move-a-Phobia or He has Cement Shoes.


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