Good Mortgage Loan Officers Make All the Difference

Good Mortgage Loan Officers Make All the Difference


It should not be a novel  experience or just once in awhile occurrence because good mortgage officers are out there.  However, as

Mortgage loan officers in RI

Don Armstrong

a North Kingstown RI Real Estate agent, I have found that Don Armstrong and Cheryl Hodgdon are amazing at Shamrock Financial in how they go the distance for clients that just ‘have some credit issues’.  I will ask them “do you think you can do something for this couple to get them the house they want?” and deserve…especially first time home buyers who are new to this process.


They just weave their magic and work so well to see what they can do to help the clients repair their credit, address problem issues with credit and get them a loan that works for them within the right borrowing limits for the clients.  I am just so impressed with the effort they have made with my last clients, I had to share it.


Cheryl Hodgdon- mortgage loan officer

Cheryl Hodgdon

Little did I know nor did one of the clients, that the charge-off the client had out there even existed.  After moving a couple of times a bill didn’t catch up with them and was charged off.  So when she paid it off and the retail company assured them that they would notify the credit bureaus the couple assumed her credit score would be positively effected.  Lo and behold, it worked against the client and dinged her FICO score for the pay off of the charge-off bill…Her credit was under acceptable limits by one point! We should have waited until after closing to pay it off…who knew…now we all know!


Don and Cheryl put their thinking caps on and with an increase in the clients contributing down payment at closing to a higher dollar amount (which they could do with some juggling), they could get the mortgage. These clients are buying their first home and wanted to get a conventional mortgage- that was their goal or they would not buy now.  So it is a waiting game on this house offer.  As my clients, they are satisfied that they can buy a home even if this one does not come to be and appreciative to both mortgage loan officers for their help.


Without good partners on the lending side, it would be a tougher road to follow and deliver the starter house to younger buyers especially.  My goal as a North Kingstown Real Estate agent is to help my buyers achieve their home buying dreams and sometimes it takes many months to straighten out the credit issues to get there…but it is so worth the glow on their faces to see the American dream come alive again in the buyers’ eyes. What would we do as a real estate industry without great business partners!


Good Mortgage Loan Officers Make All the Difference.  


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