FHA versus Conventional Mortgages | Truth in Lending

FHA versus Conventional Mortgages | Truth in Lending


Fha versus conventional mortgages are quite different so I want to show the truth in lending information to a prospective buyer.  Recently I showed the differences in the monthly payment for a Connecticut Housing Finance Authority (CHFA) Mortgage at 2.75% and a Conventional Mortgage at 3.75% with 5%, 10%, 15%, and 20% Down payments.

Today, I want to continue along that same line of thought, but this time by comparing the cost between a 30 year fixed Truth in lending -mortgages ri real estateConventional Mortgage to a 30 year fixed FHA Mortgage, at the same interest rate of 3.5%, and with the same Down payment of 5%. 

First lets look at the costs & Amortization Schedule for the  30 year fixed Conventional Mortgage with a 3.5% interest rate, and 5% Downpayment.



Amortization Schedule

Now lets look at the costs and Amortization Schedule for the  30 year fixed FHA Mortgage with a 3.5% interest rate, and 5% Downpayment.


Amortization Schedule


Let’ compare the two Mortgage Programs:

                                       Conventional Mortgage              FHA Mortgage
APR:                                             4.075%                               4.364%
Interest Paid:                            $132,349.98                       $141,455.68
Total Paid:                                 $320,626.69                       $329,727.61
Monthly Payment:                      $1,470.71                          $1,526.46
Loan Balance After
5 Years:                                        $170,424.71                        $173,406.57
(length of time of most loans is 5 years)


The two Truth-In-Lending Statements and Amortization Schedules clearly show that if a Borrower can make a 5% Down payment of their own money, that the Conventional Mortgage is the cheaper loan both in the short and long term.  The difference between the monthly payment will continue to increase once the New FHA Monthly Insurance Premium (MIP) goes up on April 1st of this year.


The life time costs of the FHA Mortgage will also get much higher once the cancellation of the MIP is eliminated on June 3rd 2013.


FHA will continue to have advantages over Conventional Mortgages, such as the required Down payment is less, more flexibility on credit scores, and higher Debt-To-Income limits.  But as the FHA costs rise, these other advantages will become less and less of a factor.  With the information above, I am left with the conclusion that  Truth-In-Lending Does Not Lie, Conventional Mortgages Less Costly Than FHA.   FHA versus Conventional Mortgages | Truth in Lending.


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