Coastlines are a Changing

Coastlines are a Changing


Narragansett RI Driftwood

Driftwood with character

It is the waterfront,ocean front and coastal towns in Southern RI real estate that are feeling the coastline differential after the brutal winter we have had.  I can see even in my home turf along the Narragansett and North Kingstown waterfront, the curves, undulations and indentations along the water edge is changing.

The barriers are there to protect much of the Narragansett Bay property, Coastal Resource ensures that properties maintain their sea walls and barriers.  But this huge tree root system that I have been monitoring in my beach area walks for the past 5 years is now all uncovered.  Two years ago it was among the sea grasses but no longer.  The ocean has left it naked on the shore for all to admire and take pictures of.  Flood insurance comes to mind on looking at this issue.  Although the concern here is that the ocean keeps taking more shore line bit by bit.

Along the Matunuck side of South Kingstown some of the beaches houses hold on by a thread of making that final pull into the Atlantic…most are moved back at great expense and when there is land owned to do it!

Walking along Scarborough beach in Narragansett, as the wind blew fiercely the other day, the winter damage to the sand dunes await some needed restoration.  We are so fortunate to have great Narragansett ocean beaches to enjoy.  They need to be our jewels of South County because tourism is our main industry here less we forget this fact.  The treasure we offer all visitors here is our waterfront real estate from North Kingstown, South Kingstown, Narragansett to Charlestown.

Just like the bareness of the craggy roots of the driftwood tree now so apparent, be mindful that our coastlines are a changing.


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