Can’t We All Get Along in Real Estate

Can’t We All Get Along in Real Estate


Classic words for whatever we do in life.  We try to teach our children from a young age that collaboration, respect and being true to

Getting along in Rhode Island real estate

helping hands help all in real estate

yourself works best when dealing with others.  Playing nice in the sandbox were some of the words my mother use to say to me.  Well gee, I wonder who brought up some of these people up I deal with in this Rhode Island real estate business!

As a North Kingstown real estate agent,

I ask for the following for my clients from another agent:

1) Returned phone calls, texts or emails

2) Truthfulness when a question is asked about a property

3) Avoid testiness and threatening to pull a sale away from a buyer because you do not like the expected lending bumps in the buyers road to a sale

4) Building good relationship bridges goes a long way to helping buyers and sellers have the sale of their house happen or the purchase of one they desire.

5) Actually delivering an offer to the sellers and not putting it aside in favor of buyers who come directly to you to make an offer.


Now all this ‘cut to the chase’ business between agents is important because what buyers and sellers do not always realize is that their agent can make a sale or purchase go down the drain because of communication- what is said or sent.  It really can be the death knell for the transaction.  Is it because the agent at hand wants to handle both sides of the transaction and is willing to wait to get it?!


The consumer needs to understand that ‘ can’t we all get along in Rhode Island real estate‘ is something they must ask their agent!  Knowing your agent (really knowing the agent) is important and how they are serving your needs in a transaction with the other side.  Ask the right questions so...Can’t we all get along in real estate.

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