Blue Day on Narragansett Bay

Blue Day on Narragansett Bay


If the world of real estate could be as bright as the day is blue, we could satisfy our clients with conventional homes.  But this is a time in the


Blue Day in RI real estate

Blue Day on Narragansett Bay – North Kingstown RI







housing market when REOs (bank foreclosures) and short sales, in many cases, run a good portion of our real estate business.  If REOs and short sales could go quickly and smoothly through the home closing process with the banks and subsequent interlopers in the process, it would so help the economy rebound, people rebuild lives quicker and perhaps allow real estate in many areas to level off.  Not such a novel idea.


As it comes to be with many of these properties that so challenge us (as real estate agents) as well as buyers and sellers to make it to the closing table…it takes too long to get there… I wish in some cases it would be a fairy tale that weaves a web of amazing tales.  Of course, you know I am coming to one and it will be a tale I will tell that is all fact and no fiction and should be avoided if at all possible.


It will be a tale of Fannie Mae and how to ensure you will have a blue day (oh, do try to avoid this one) when you buy one of their properties.  It is a fact and one that is mind boggling.  But to share too much may nix a buy that has been 5 months long on an accepted offer that still can not happen. And none of it is the buyers doing!


……..not because of title issues

……..not because of listing agent issues

…….but because Fannie Mae has vendors who are inept and have no respect for the people involved in buying a home


So just enjoy the view of a blue day on Narragansett Bay for it is a rock solid stomach that can hold on to a house for so long and not quit the battle.  My hero is truly a buyer at this point who has the patience of a saint.  There will be a reveal at some point but Fannie Mae is a representation of why things to do not work well for this country anymore.  Enjoy the view.   Blue Day on Narragansett Bay.


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