Pending Short Sale | Newport RI Condo Approved by B of A

Pending Short Sale | Newport RI Condo Approved by B of A

As a RI short sale agent it is my business to spend time helping homeowners struggling with their home mortgage.


Newport RI real estate in agreement

4 Carey St Newport RI Real Estate in Pending

When the Newport RI Condo seller reached out to me, we began putting together the package to get a short sale approval from her lender, Bank of America.


The  Newport condo seller was in the military, was relocated and could not pay the mortgage on her Newport condo anymore.  A totally redone first floor condo steps from Thames Street and minutes from America’s Way in Newport, this condo was going to sell.  I had the condo up for sale in 3 days. I had  the condo in sales agreement in 3 weeks.


Less than 3 months later we had short sale approvals from Bank of America on both loans with full waiver of deficiency judgment.  What does this mean you ask?  It is huge because this seller does not need to pay back the monies forgiven by Bank of America on her mortgage shortfall to the bank!  She has successfully settled with the bank on two mortgage loans.


Ensure you work with a RI short sale agent that knows the ins and outs of short sale negotiating with your lender to be successful with your short sale.  Do not take a chance.


 I work hard with a legal team that is impressive and a negotiator that pushes the transaction forward.  My strengths in negotiation are to free my sellers from their mortgage burden and sell their piece of RI real estate.  Call me and let’s have a short sale conversation and meeting about your current hardship and home ownership situation.


Right now the buyers can not wait to close on this sweet 2 bedroom 4 Carey Street condo in the heart of historical Newport RI!


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Pending Short Sale | Newport RI Condo Approved by B of A


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