Bonnet Shores – Narragansett RI Real Estate

Bonnet Shores Homes for Sale

Bonnet Shores Real Estate for Sale – Narragansett RI Real Estate


Bonnet Shores – Narragansett RI Real Estate

 Bonnet Shores – Narragansett RI Real Estate is one of the elite and waterfront areas in Narragansett off of Boston Neck Road in the northern end of town.  It is a Narragansett RI real estate neighborhood that deserves its nickname ‘Bonnet‘ because it is like the sun bonnet of Narragansett.  Where most of Narragansett has a flat landscape, Bonnet Shores is hilly as you travel the roads toward the waterfront of Narragansett bay.

From the homes and real estate that surround Westquage Pond to the exquisite homes that line the coastline, this Bonnet neighborhood appeals to homeowners who want a seasonal or year round home. This is Rhode Island living with the magnificent waterfront Narragansett homes for sale all around.   Price range of homes can be from $300,000 to the millions of dollars here.    Read more below….

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Bonnet Shores Homes for Sale

It is the lure of the waterfront of this Bonnet Shores address in Narragansett that hooks the buyers.

It is hard to bypass a neighborhood that has a restive and peaceful life style.  Where neighbors walk the Bonnet Shore beaches and waterfront, moor their boats, enjoy the coastline and feel like there is no tomorrow!

Also, Bonnet has a beach club here that is membership only that draws people from all over the state to their white sandy beach and cabanas.  Something to keep in mind for the sun loving homeowner.

Also, there is a good rental market here of homes for the summer or for the URI student during the school year to consider too.  Are you looking for investment, primary home or vacation home will determine your choice in location.

Narragansett is known for its great school system too and is rated in the top in the state.

I use state of the art aerial marketing for my home sellers that sets their property apart from the competition and always brings in multiple offers.  Work with a RI real estate agent that knows the technology to maximize your home sale!

Your real estate buys here are only limited by your pocketbook.  So much to experience….minutes from the heart of Narragansett or Jamestown and Beavertail State Park in Jamestown RI across the waters.  Whether it is winter or summer, living life on the Bonnet Shores can be all more than a dream.    Call Ginny Lacey Gorman to discuss your real estate needs when selling a Bonnet Shores home at 401.529.7849 or email her at today.

 Explore and experience this beautiful Narragansett neighborhood.  Bonnet Shores – Narragansett RI Real Estate.


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