Wind Turbines in North Kingstown RI


wind turbine in north kingstown ri

Wind Turbines in North Kingstown RI


The whooshing sound from this 20th century wind mill is gaining ground with businesses and homeowners as wind turbines in North Kingstown RI real estate are all the rage right now.  Is it part of the answer to reducing future energy costs?


Now I’m going back to the 70’s when people were putting large solar panels on their roofs to save on electricity at a high cost (payback was 20 years or more).  Are wind turbines in North Kingstown following a similar path?


There has been a lot of press about Stamp Farm putting up a wind turbine and then one at the development at Village Green off of Ten Rod Road.


Concerns about size as well as health concerns have all been raised by North Kingstown local residents.  It is different when you have residential homes within close proximity of proposed North Kingstown wind turbines.


The wind turbine at Stamp Farm (a 427 foot wind turbine) is in process of approval with a six month moratorium on others by the town of North Kingstown.  The one at Village Green is already approved and is moving forward by mid-year to be built.


At the Quonset Development Park the wind turbine to be built for commercial use for Mill Creek Marine is excluded also from this moratorium.  This wind turbine, to be built, is not near residences and is in a commercial district by Narragansett Bay.  It has received a loan from the Rhode Island Economic Development Commission to help with the cost of this project.  As the owner says, he will reap the long term energy savings from his wind energy project and hopes to  end up selling electricity back to National Grid.


Although the wind turbine to be in Quonset Park is set away from neighborhoods, the ones at Stamp Farm and Village Green will not be.


So be aware what is to be built in your neighborhood before you buy.  You should be able to make the choice of whether or not you want to live close to any project like this one when you are deciding to buy a home.  Work with a RI real estate agent who knows the community and does the research for you on unexpected projects in the works in the area you want to live in and the neighborhood of your choice.   Wind turbines in North Kingstown RI are all the rage.


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