Wind Turbines are Green Energy – But in Your Neighborhood?

Wind Turbines are Green Energy – But in Your Neighborhood?


Well residents of the North Kingstown Green 

Wind turbines in North Kingstown real estate

Green energy in your backyard?

subdivision have a 413 foot wind turbine going up behind the developers yard off Ten Rod Road in North Kingstown.  It is located in the North Kingstown Green subdivision.  It is the subdivision’s energy company, Wind Energy Development LLC, that is constructing it and placing it right in RI real estate.  Yes, it is a renewable energy source which is good but it has raised local concerns  about in being in a neighborhood.

Now there are mixed feelings about wind turbines from North Kingstown residents.


In fact, the chatter on line at the local Patch on line newspaper has dozens of comments about it in a neighborhood.  All of the subdivision homeowners knew about it before the the wind turbine was built- they signed off on it.


North Kingstown Green is a home development that has grown in homes over the last several years so it definitely impacts these homeowners in many ways.  These homeowners were promised a $150 monthly check towards their electric bill from the savings generated by the wind turbine.  So there are renewable energy rewards to reap here.


Portsmouth RI, across the Bay, had a wind turbine for years but it has broken down,
the company that built it is bankrupt and the town can not come up with the hundreds of thousands of dollars to fix it.  So it remains an eyesore.  There may be other fixes to restore that wind turbine ultimately but it makes some residents concerned.
The size of the wind turbine is another point of discussion as well in the neighborhood.  Some homeowners have had second thoughts about it and were trying to sell their property.  Have you experienced this in your neighborhood and how has your town dealt with it?  How does it impact property values…well time will tell here in North Kingstown.  Hopefully for these North Kingstown homeowners it proves to work out well for them.
   Wind Turbines are Green Energy – But in Your Neighborhood?
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    The home owners at the North Kingstown Green subdivision, home of Rhode Islands largest commercial wind turbine. There is a question. Did the neighbors through a negotiated settlement get their electric bills paid for life, or a long period of time ( 10 to 20 years ? )

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      Bill, I am not privy to that info but understand they get X$ a month for the turbine being there and lessening their electric bills. I do not know if it is for life. thanks