Wickford RI …it’s all about the Pink, Green, Teal colored Historic Houses

Wickford RI …A History Displayed by Colors in Homes

One thing you could almost call notorious are the colors in

Wickford Village historic house

Wickford RI real estate

…it’s all about the pink, green, teal colored historic houses.  It’s better than a rainbow of color to inspire the artist, traveler as well as home buyer…it’s the inspiration in the palette of home colors that can put you in awe.

See waterfront Wickford Village has been around since the 17th century and with its waterfront coastline it is one of most protected natural harbors around.  Besides Newport RI, it has one of the largest number of historic 18th century homes in the Northeast.  That is a huge draw to visitors, historical buffs and lovers of older homes (like me).

  Wickford Village is all easily accessible on foot and on a spring day you will find the village square (yes, there really is one) busy with residents and visitors.  On a winter’s day like today, you will probably have downtown Wickford mainly to yourself – along with the ducks, waterfrontmarina and unique shops.

I have talked about how Wickford historic homes are in a National Register Historic Places area.  The local preservation commission ensures that the quality of any restoration is done in keeping with the period of the home…at least on the outside of the homes.  It’s visibly pleasing that these homes do resemble Faberge eggs in the spring with their exterior painted colors of pink, green, teal,etc.

Actually tour buses find Wickford the place to bring people in the spring through late fall to enjoy the village and its folklore.  It is said that the famous author, John Updike, used Wickford as his village in writing the fictional novel The Witches of Eastwick!  In the May/June 2014 issue of Yankee Magazine, Wickford Village is listed as one of the best places to visit in RI.  So Wickford RI …it’s all about the Pink, Green, Teal colored Historic Houses…so come and explore.


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    What a neat blog post. And the Witches of Eastwick is a movie that I don’t like but can never NOT watch it when it’s on.. Weird. HA! Would love to see more of those interesting historical houses! Have a wonderful day Ginny~