Wickford RI at the Docks – Soothing RI Coastline

 Wickford RI at the Docks – Soothing RI Coastline


Wickford RI at the Docks

Wickford RI at the Docks- Soothing RI Coastline

How about this visual on a cool and rainy day as one RI house hunt’s for Wickford Village and surrounding homes and properties?


I would say this location brings out the peacefulness and serenity of the coastline here.  Walking the docks (and there are not many) in this waterfront locale, breathing in the salt water surrounding scents, hearing the seagulls squawk as a fellow bird gets their fish catch.  It all makes you want to linger and say this is a good life here in RI real estate.


What a soothing RI coastline we have here along the North Kingstown town borders and specifically within waterfront Wickford Village.  Although it may be a spot to throw out your fishing line and pull in a lone fish, it would be far easier to walk to the fish store on the docks and buy your fish catch cleaned and ready for the evening meal!  Another time for the fishing line I think.


From the Wickford RI historic homes, boats, waterfront, village stores and

Wickford RI at the Docks and the historic homes

Wickford Village RI waterfront historic home

more, Wickford RI at the docks gives me the serenity one needs after a stressful work day.

You may find that once you visit you will return again and again.  Please give me a call if I can be of assistance to you on your home search here.

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Wickford RI at the Docks – Soothing RI Coastline.


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