Where There is Smoke There is Fire

smoke detector

smoke detector

Where There is Smoke There is Fire


Where there is smoke there is fire is a shop worn expression but is so important this fall season because if you

There should always be a combination of a smoke and carbon monoxide detector outside the bedroom or bedrooms in a home on any level of a home.  What is so upsetting and frustrating to me is to see these detectors, when I go to show homes with clients, with the tops of the detectors open and the batteries removed or that the smoke alarms have just been taken down.  For the price of a $1.50 for a battery (don’t forget the 2 for 1 sales) homeowners play russian roulette with their family’s lives.  I don’t understand it truthfully.

We all know in RI when we experienced the horrible tragedy with the Station Night Club fire 7 years ago and the 100 lives lost in the smoke and fire in our state.  It is an ever present reminder when you drive by that location in West Warwick RI of what could have been prevented.  Here is a informational video on some home fire safety from the Wilmington Fire Department- watch it and pass it on to clients.
How to Change Smoke Detector Batteries — powered by eHow.com.  Please take a moment to ready it.  It may save your life.


This is the season to remind your friends, family and clients to change their smoke and carbon monoxide batteries in their detectors…we all know where there is smoke there is fire and isn’t it better in an outside fire pit.  Where There is Smoke There is Fire.

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