When a Handshake Works in the RI Real Estate Business…

When a Handshake Works in the RI Real Estate Business… 

not often I might add since it is 

waterfront ri real estate hands for Real Estate Agents

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all about contracts and protecting oneself or your clients.  There was a time many moons ago when even the bankers would enjoy the quick handshake with you on a car loan.  But those days are mostly gone.  However, every now and then I will resort to a handshake with another Real Estate Agent to seal a deal.  My associates tell me I am crazy…I think not.  There are times that you just know that it is the okay thing to do.

Two months ago I referred my clients to a rental agent in another town.  I did not know the gentleman but he had a great reputation so I set off to see if he was the one that could make this rental happen for my homeowners.  I sent the clients his way to rent out their home.  It was an email and a phone handshake.
When a Handshake Works in the RI Real Estate Business…
waterfront ri real estate

It is worth more than a Handshake

Well guess what?  The house is now rented.  So he called me up to tell me and to remind me to send along my commission bill to him.  Now I consider this extraordinary in this day and times.  Does it say something about him?  Sure does, he stays in my book and will be recommended again and again to others on rentals.

It is a sinking feeling in the gut when the handshake does not work…I like to say that is a great feeling in my waterfront RI real estate business to have the outcome right…for me as well as my clients.

When the handshake works in this business who do you thank?  Is it gut feeling and intuition, I want to say yes and no…but right now I will take the yes in this one.  Reverting to our forefather ways of doing business is just not the right thing to do universally.  You must pick and choose!  This time it was …I hope the next time does as well.  When a handshake works in the RI real estate business…
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