What is Your Village?

What is Your Village?


I think in most cases it does take a village to build a community but I have a client who is just a one man band and blowing that belief away.

Passion to build on in real estate

A passion to build on in RI Real Estate

I have to share his endeavors as I stopped over his home the other day to visit.

He lives in South Kingstown and is a hard working commercial fisherman and that is his primary business.    What this homeowner has done to his South Kingstown real estate in the three years the family has lived here is amazing.  He has built the village!


With nearly 19 acres, he has moved stone walls, put fences up on a couple of acres and now has built a barn for the horse.  That is him sitting on the top of the barn he is building finishing the cupola.  So you can see he does it all.  I sold him this property and I always use him as a model of a business owner.  There is no can not in his vocabulary.


As a South Kingstown real estate agent, I know there should be no hurdle in RI real estate I can not handle after watching this man juggle his dangerous fishing business profession and follow his passion of his farm.  As a client and friend, he and his wife are inspirational to me.  Passion in any life creates good things for all.   He is part of my village that helps me develop my community, my real estate business and referral base well.  We learn from one another in life in so many ways and it is inspiring all the time to learn from clients.  My passion is real estate and if you know me you know that well!


So with 2012 coming at us fast it is time to build the foundation for your business village.  Take this to heart and realize every village is built one person at a time…  If I can assist you in your RI real estate search, call me…you will not see me sitting on top of a barn for sure but you will see me out and actively selling South County homes for my clients every day.  What is Your Village?


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